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  • Honest, inspiring, private conversations you can't find anywhere else.
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  • Lastly, Make Love Better. With or without FKNHONEY.

About Us

Hi, I'm Katya. For years I poured love into @nurturingnovas, as Rob & I navigated work/love/life balance, pregnancy, postpartum, and started rediscovering intimacy after kids. At times, it felt so lonely - was there anyone going through the same thing?!

I want you to have the community and support I longed for. 


Katya & Rob live in the Caribbean with their our boys Zion (3) and Phoenix (1). 

When they're not photographing couples in love or doing life things, they're sneaking in a yoga practice, or watching just one more episode on Netflix.

A Big Thanks

... to our community. You're the fkn best! 

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